Press release

6th Nov. 2022


JerryA - Dream Your Dreams / Slava Ukraini - For Ukraine

JerryA alias Jerry Ala-Leppilampi, a singer/songwriter from Finland has written a song Dream Your Dreams / Slava Ukraini. JerryA composed the song a few years ago, and when the war in Ukraine started it raised very anxious feelings which he wrote down and they became the lyrics for the song.

Music video was made together with Ukrainians - Video production from Kiev, Ukraine

The touching music video for Dream your Dreams was produced and directed by Dmitriy Abalmasov, who's company Abalmasov Video Company operates in Kiev, in the middle of the war. The authentic video footage of the war in Ukraine show the horrors of the war but also the beauty of the attacked country before February 2022. JerryA's takes were shot in Finland and the editing of the video was made in Kiev by Dmitriy Abalmasov showing the Ukrainian viewpoint of this war that has shocked the whole world.

Lyrics also in Ukrainian - Dream Your Dreams - Мрій свої мрії

The first version of the music video was released in June 2022 on YouTube and now the new version, with the Ukrainian subtitles has been published on YouTube. It can be found with the keywords "JerryA Dream Your Dreams - Мрій свої мрії". The song can be also found at Spotify, iTunes and YouTube Music.

The song Dream Your Dreams was arranged and produced by Ville Nurmi, very highly respected studio musician and producer in Finland. JerryA's oldest son Miika Ala-Leppilampi is also singing in the choir parts.

When wars and crisis hit the world, people tend to say that one person cannot do much about anything. I personally think that if you can do something, no matter how small - do it. I wanted to publish and share my song to support the Ukrainians and I hope my song and video give them just a little bit of hope for the better future.

  • JerryA

"You're not alone now, everyone is here with you. All united, we'll fight the evil til the end"

Singer- songwriter Jerry Ala-Leppilampi has been performing in different groups and as a troubadour since he was a teenager. Music is the most natural way for him to express his feelings and react to the world around him. Jerry believes that music is an international force and he hopes that his music could give just a little bit of hope to this hopeless situation. 

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