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News 23rd of October, 2022

New version of the video with Ukrainian subtitles will be live on YouTube on 6th of November 2022

Press release / Lehdistötiedote

News 15th of June, 2022

Dream Your Dreams (Slava Ukraini) music video will be live on YouTube on 19th of June, 2022. The vocal parts of the video were filmed in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The rest of the video was filmed & edited in Kiev, Ukraine by Abalmasov Video Production.

Dream Your Dreams (Slava Ukraini) single will be published on all major digital platforms (Spotify, Amazon, iTUnes, YouTubeMusic, etc) on 8th of July 2022.  

News on 21st June, 2021. 

Katsotaan toisiimme /Tell Me published on 24.6.2021 at all major digital platforms Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, JerryA photo

JERRYA history briefly 
1974 I had a great Christmas gift, an electric guitar! 

1978 Jerry & The Sliders, a rockabilly band was established 

1979 Jerry & The Sliders Suosikki-magazines Rock-King -competition in Helsinki, 5th place

1981 Critic - I was a singer in this cover-band

1982 Blind Alley - rock band with own songs, I was a singer, Suosikki-magazines Rock-King competition - 2nd place 

1983 Jerry - Pikkunoita - show Syksyn Sävel Satoa on national commercial TV-channel MTV 12.12.1982

1984 Jerry - recording for  CBS -  single. a-side Jalat Vie (Footloose/Kenny Loggins) words Edu Kettunen, b-side Nyt Tanssitaan (comp & arr. Vesa Torppa, lyrics Jerry)

1985 Jerry - recording for CBS - single. a-side Nyt Tai Ei Koskaan (Vesa Torppa/Jorma Toiviainen), b-side Naurun Taika (Vesa Torppa/Edu Kettunen)

1985 Jerry & The Line Up - Suosikki-magazines Miss Young Finland -tour. Main artist Anja Niskanen, second artist Jerry - with Line Up -band

1987 Jerry & The Line Up - MTVvGrand Prix -competition on national commercial tv-channel, the song "Every Day" was written by Jerry  3rd place.

1989 Jerry & Uffe Duo - duo gigs in Kokkola, Northern Finland

1990 Night Train - blues band in Kokkola, Finland

1992 Jerry & The Cotton Boys - tuxedo band, playing jazz standards (Pori Jazz 1993)

1993 Trubaduuri Jerry - performing as a troubadour/one man band - still on the road

2014 Blind Alley Reunion - show at  Mustakari Memories festival in Kokkola, Finland

2020 Jerry - All Together Now singing competition on Channel Four, Jerry performed a song "Oot täydellinen - by Jari sillanpää"

2021 JerryA - new song published in English/Finnish - Tell Me/Katsotaan Toisiimme

2022 JerryA - new song published in English - "Dream Your Dreams (Slava Ukraini)" Supportin people in Ukraine who fight against Russia´s brutal attack.